Why we love Valentine Thomas

Valentine Thomas has become an overnight internet sensation. The buzz began when a picture of Thomas was shared on an Instagram account called Spear Sluts, a page dedicated to bikini clad beauties who have an apparent interest in ocean fishing.

However, we’re not upset — quite the opposite. We love Valentine Thomas. Here’s why:

She likes to fish for her dinner.

Be right back honey, going to grab dinner! #dinner #fish #sustainableeating #grabonlywhatyouneed #backtobasics #modernversion

A photo posted by Valentine Thomas (@valentinethomas) on

Thomas, an avid freediver and sustainable eating advocate, was propelled into a virtual tug-of-war questioning her motives and authenticity.

She has a lot of respect for her catch…

As nicknames like “Jack the Ripper” and “Spearfishing Huntress” began to surface, we started to consider the fairness of it all when countless male counterparts freely post their spearfishing spoils without affect.

She bedazzles in a bikini.

Yes, Thomas looks good in bikini and is a spearfisherman. But are those reasons to hate?

Mark Healey (below) is handsome, athletic, a respected waterman, and every bit as much an avid spearfisherman as Thomas.

Do we assail him with the same fate for being equally pursuant? No.

Valentine Thomas hearts big fish.

World Record Atlantic Jack! Ils time for a second one soon!! #worldrecord #timetogetanewone #jack #girlspearfishing #bbqtime

A photo posted by Valentine Thomas (@valentinethomas) on

Thomas is a reported spearfishing world record holder for spearing the world’s largest Atlantic Jack.

Freediver, and U.S. National Spearfishing Championship of 2008, Kimi Werner, catches her dinner too.

Thomas’ Instagram account reveals her love for the salt life and inherent interest in ocean conservation, not unlike another female spearfishing enthusiast, Kimi Werner, who also actively purses her supper, looks great in a bikini and is solidly backed by sustainability giant Patagonia.

Valentine Thomas has an appropriate respect for the ocean.

Let’s give Valentine Thomas the credit she’s due: She knows when it’s time to hang up her spear and respect the other predators in the deep.

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