‘Lucy’ Brain Myth Busted

‘Lucy’ Brain Myth Busted

The recently released movie Lucy, which stars Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman, is based on the premise that people use only 10% of their brains. As the film progresses, the main character, Lucy (Johansson), gains access to more and more of her neural capabilities, developing superhuman abilities mentally and physically as she nears 100% of her brain power.

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Unfortunately, the film’s writers fell into the trap of believing that the other 90% of our brains must be wasted space that just fills up our heads. Although that may be true for some, research suggests that humans actually use just about every part of their brains. The myth may have been formed because at any given moment, we may be using only 10% of our mental capacities. But similar to how we may be using only several muscles at any given time, it doesn’t mean that the rest are useless. In fact, we use most of our muscles and almost every part of our brains every day, just at different times and for different tasks. 

The lesson here: You may be smarter than you think. And while the Lucy concept is intriguing, it turns out that the character isn’t quite as unique as she is made out to be. Except for maybe her use telepathic powers and time-traveling capabilities. 

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