Lunge-feeding humpback whale collides with paddleboarder

Viviana Guzman, a world-class and Grammy-nominated flutist, was paddleboarding in Half Moon Bay in Northern California when she nearly took a direct hit from a lunge-feeding juvenile humpback whale.

As it was, Guzman took a pretty good jolt as she rode her paddleboard while kneeling. Fortunately she wasn’t hurt, and managed to remain on the board.

She and a friend captured two angles of the collision, and Guzman posted the video on YouTube, accompanied by her flute music:

“I play my flute for the whales, and they come!” Guzman, the self-described FluteQueen, wrote on her video description.

While she enjoys playing her flute for the whales—“It’s what I like to do,” she told GrindTV—Guzman isn’t likely attracting them; at least in the video it appeared she and her friend were actually paddling toward feeding whales.

First, a flock of birds appear, an indicator of bait being pushed to the ocean surface. Seconds later, small baitfish leap for their lives followed by the gaping mouth of the humpback whale, which bumps into Guzman’s paddleboard.

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One commenter on Guzman’s Facebook page was impressed by her balance, saying, “I give the whale a 9.5 for the jump, but you get a 10 for staying on your board!!!!”

Guzman, born in Chile but lives in Half Moon Bay, performs over 80 concerts a year—not including the ocean performances for the whales.

h/t CBS SF Bay Area

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