Man capturing aerial footage unable to warn surfers of sharks

Jason Griffeth planned to try out his new drone by videotaping boats going out at Fort Pierce Inlet, Florida, but found himself in a helpless situation when sharks swam toward unsuspecting surfers.

“As I got about 300 feet in the air [with the drone], I noticed there was some big fish swimming out near the surfers,” Griffeth told WPBF. “I was like, ‘Those kind of look like sharks.'”

As it turned out, they were sharks, and surfers and paddleboarders seemed to be oblivious to them, he told the TV news outlet.

“I was kind of freaking out because I had no way to notify the surfers because I was so far away with the drone,” he told WPBF.

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Griffeth was watching the scene on his cellphone from a mile down the beach. At one point, a shark chased what Griffeth thought was a smaller shark right behind a surfer.

“Some of the surfers were not even aware that there were sharks right next to them,” Griffeth wrote in his video description on YouTube.

After posting video of the encounter, Griffeth told WPBF, “It’s incredible. It makes me think twice about going surfing at the Fort Pierce Inlet.”

h/t UPI

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