Man dares to touch glass, gets floored by ‘attacking shark’

A sign over a virtual shark tank at the International Spy Museum in Washington D.C. reads “Touch at your own risk.”

Gregory Heinzman probably wondered, “What could happen?” So he reached out and touched the screen replicating an aquarium glass window as a great white shark swam by.

As reported by Storyful, Casey Peck had a feeling this would be worth documenting so, fortunately for us, she was videotaping:

Clearly Heizman read the warning sign, and kept touching the screen. A great white shark swam by and he continued touching the screen. Then the virtual shark charged at him, breaking the faux pane of glass and sending a shocked Heinzman backward and onto his keister.

Heinzman’s reaction is priceless. He about had a heart attack. Peck knew something like that might happen.

“The guy in the video gets scared easily by anything!” Peck wrote on her original YouTube post.

Heizman isn’t the first to fall for the practical joke and no doubt won’t be the last, but his reaction might compete for the top prize for being the most scared.

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