Man goes to the extreme to catch giant mud crab by hand

Mud crabs are considered a prized delicacy in the northern states of Australia, particularly in Queensland where they are relatively common, as are crab pots, the method used to catch them.

But Beau Greaves showed a different technique in what Pickle of called an “absolute rip-snorter of a video.” Greaves went headfirst into a small hole to catch a giant mud crab with his bare hand:

Greaves explained at the start of the video that he was going to use the stick as a decoy to back the crab up into his other hand where he could grab it.

At one point, his friend asked if he needed to be pulled out. He didn’t. He was just working his magic, and when he pulled the mud crab out, they were amazed by its size.

“Another solid muddy up in the holes using my decoy stick,” Greaves wrote on his Facebook post. “[I] tried to explain it a little bit how to get them out. Been bitten twice, nearly lost a finger and been close to having my wrist crushed, but I guess the more you do it the better you get at it.

“Few little tricks help. The big part is where to look for them!”

Beau Greaves crawled headfirst into a small hole to produce an Australian delicacy.

Looking for them in muddy holes isn’t something others appear ready to do, however.

“Everything about that is horrifying to me,” one commenter wrote, according to the Daily Star. “Wiggle into a claustrophobic dirt hole to pull out a giant mudspider? Heck nope.”

Another wrote, “You couldn’t even pay me to go around reaching into holes in Australia.”

As for Greaves, he called it “good fun.”

“I guess if you can get one out like this you earned the feed,” Greaves added.

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