Man panics after shooting gun for first time

Man panics after shooting gun
After shooting a .500 Smith & Wesson for the first time, a man in Indiana was sent running. Photo is a screen grab from the video

When a man shooting a .500 Smith & Wesson pistol for the first time took aim at a target and fired, he wasn’t expecting the target to strike back, but it did. The result was a very quick and comical exit to the right once someone yelled at him to “Watch out. Move, move!”

And move he did:

The incident happened earlier this month while a group of guys were enjoying a night out together with food and a campfire, and a little target practice.

“My brother, who is featured in the video, was shooting a .500 for the first time at a target placed against a tree,” Robert S. of Terre Haute, Indiana, told Jukin Media. “None of us thought that the result of hitting his target would cause that tree to come down.”

Who would? It was a clear case of the shooter hitting his target and the target trying to hit the shooter.

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