Massive dorado caught off Cabo San Lucas might have shattered world record

Giant dorado caught off Cabo San Lucas. Photo via Brian Lindsey

A dorado caught off Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, last week weighed in at 102 pounds, which is 15 pounds heavier than a world record that has stood for nearly 40 years.

But because the fish was filleted before it could be weighed on a certified scale, it cannot qualify for world-record consideration.

Brian Lindsey tries to hoist massive dorado. Photo via Brian Lindsey

The massive dorado–a.k.a. mahi-mahi or dolphinfish–was caught by Brian Lindsey of Mississippi, aboard the 60-foot yacht Shambala, chartered through Pisces Sportfishing.

The crew apparently did not recognize the record potential, and used a hand scale to weigh the fish.

Catches submitted for record consideration must be weighed on a certified scale.

Said Lindsey: “The fish was weighed on a typical hanging scale. Again, we have extensive documentation of the fish. It was also measured and documented by a local biologist, who gave a weight estimate based off length and size.

“I’m not sure why the captain did not recognize the gravity of the fish’s size. He was a super nice guy and a great fishing captain. It was very frustrating, however.”

Pisces Sportfishing managers did not know about the fish until the Shambala anglers entered the office after their trip, according to Pisces general manager Tracy Ehrenberg.

As soon as they were shown photos one of them telephoned the fillet dock to try to prevent the cutting process, but was too late.

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“If the fish truly weighed 102 pounds, we knew without looking [at the record book] that this would be the biggest dorado ever caught on rod and reel,” Ehrenberg said.

The dorado was hooked on a silver-and-black lure on the Pacific side of the Baja California peninsula, and landed after a 20-minute fight on 50-pound-test line.

The International Game Fish Association lists as the all-tackle world record for dolphinfish–dorado is the Spanish name, meaning “golden one”–an 87-pounder caught off Costa Rica in 1976.

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