Massive hammerhead shark landed on beach

Viktor Hluben poses briefly with massive hammerhead shark caught during a beach-fishing expedition. Photo is a video screen grab

How does a group of anglers release a 14-foot hammerhead shark after one of them reels the massive predator onto the beach?

Carefully, of course.

The accompanying video (a shortened version; click here for the full version) shows the catch, by Florida angler Viktor Hluben, and eventual release of an estimated 700-pound hammerhead that fought for more than a hour before it could be tail-roped and hauled ashore for video opportunities.

Hluben said via email that the shark was caught in the Atlantic Ocean off Florida, but did not list a precise location.

He’s part of Landshark Fishing, which specializes in nighttime fishing for large sharks. The group states at the beginning of the full version of the hammerhead video:

Landshark Fishing members work to turn and release 14-foot hammerhead shark. Photo is a video screen grab

“Do not try this at home! … We do not condone or support the killing of any shark species. We are a group of big-game anglers with unconventioal methods and conservation at the heart of our practice.”

The full version (5:24) shows Hluben holding a custom rod and with a 14-0 Penn Senator reel designed for big game. The angler is grimacing, while answering questions, as the shark struggles mightily to resist being dragged toward the shore.

Landshark Fishing members work to turn and release 14-foot hammerhead shark. Photo is a video screen grab

The Landshark Fishing Facebook page brims with posts about catches of large sharks known to roam the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico, so the group obviously possesses expertise in reeling them in and letting them go.

But as far as curious novice anglers are concerned, the Landshark’s words are worth heeding: Don’t try this at home.

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