Massive Pile of Bicycles Left Behind After Bike-Share Program Leaves Dallas

According to Dallas News, last month, the city of Dallas, Texas imposed an $808 application fee and $21 per bike each year on all bike-share bicycles that operate within Dallas. In response, several companies left town but the one that attracted the most attention is Beijing-based company, Ofo. They left behind a massive mountain of their bikes to be disposed of at one of Dallas’ recycling centers, CMC Recycling.

CMC Recycling is a company that works with businesses and individuals looking to sell scrap metal. As reported by Dallas News, Ofo stated that they are working with CMC Recycling to make sure that their bikes get recycled properly.

Dallas Mayor, Mike Rawlings tweeted his response to the bikes piled up at the recycling center: “Terrible.”

Despite Ofo’s claimed sustainable efforts, many people are complaining that they should have given the bikes away to the less fortunate. At a glance, it looks like many of the bikes are rideable and, according to Dallas News, Rawlings’ spokesperson said just that, “Dumping all the bikes in a recycling plant seemed ‘terribly wasteful’ because people could still ride them.”

Ojo responded by saying, “Bikes in ‘good working condition’ were donated to local organizations like City Square and Bikes for Tykes,” reported Dallas News. At the height of bike-share popularity, there were about 20,000 bikes around Dallas. Now, there are less than 3,500.

h/t Dallas News

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