Materialistic People Are Less Happy

Main materialistic people are less happy

So, after waiting on countless lines on Black Friday and clicking around on our favorite websites this Cyber Monday, we stumbled upon a new study that suggests that people who are materialistic are less happy than everyone else.

A previous study suggests that you’re going to be happier in the long-run if you spend your money on an experience (such as a hiking trip or vacation) rather than a new pair of shoes. But this new study says something different­—that it doesn’t matter what you spend your money on, it’s the person you are that determines your happiness.

San Francisco State researchers experimented with a group of several hundred adults, about a third of whom had materialistic personalities. Study participants were asked to rate purchases, whether it be an experience or materialistic purchase, with how it related to their overall happiness.

The materialistic people did not experience any satisfaction from the purchases. Scientists are considering the possibilities as to why this might be­—materialistic people are judged by society as being self-absorbed and shallow, so it could be that they cannot fully enjoy making purchases because they feel judged.

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