Meet the women of the 2015 Surfing Swimsuit Issue

Four pro surfers subbed in as models for the 2015 Surfing magazine Swimsuit Issue; Photo by Corey Wilson
Four pro surfers subbed in as models for the 2015 Surfing magazine Swimsuit Issue. Photo: Corey Wilson

The team over at Surfing followed a pretty foolproof formula for compiling their 2015 Swimsuit Issue: Fly a bunch of pretty women to some of the most beautiful places in the world and photograph them in bikinis. Oh, except those pretty women? They’re some of the best female surfers in the world, poised to dominate the competition and earn their place in the history books.

So, obviously, Surfing had to shoot them in some of the season’s best ’70s-inspired swimwear as an homage to that other legend of surf: Gidget. Here, meet four modern-day Gidgets about to take over—and look pretty damn good doing it.

Sage Erickson @sageerickson
When you cut your teeth on the challenging surf breaks dotting Oahu’s North Shore, the rest of the ocean is child’s play. OK, maybe not, but this Ventura, California, local certainly makes it look that way. Erickson stormed onto the international surf scene, a whirlwind of blonde hair and powerful maneuvering, dominating the NSSA and Pro Junior circuits and showing her prowess for the heavier competition on the Women’s World Surfing League World Tour. Her competition would be worried if they weren’t too busy grabbing iced coffee and shopping for new swimsuits with her; Erickson may be fierce in the water, but she’s as sweet as can be back on land.

Quincy Davis @quincydavis
What do you do when you want to join your brothers in the lineup but have no board of your own? If you’re a young Quincy Davis, you steal your mom’s. “It just kinda happened!” the now 19-year-old swears, but we doubt her parents are too hard on her for it. After all, Davis has since left behind her native Montauk, New York, to travel the world in search of surf, but she’s a passionate advocate for East Coast surfing. Then again, she’s never been one to follow the crowds: “I surf my best when I focus on myself more than what others are doing.” Maybe that’s a good thing, considering she’s bound to turn a few heads everywhere she goes.

Her favorite suit: “I like cross-back tops and cheeky bottoms. The cross-backs stay really well and don’t pull on your neck. I’m not a fan of really tiny bottoms, but cheeky ones are cute and offer some coverage.”

Alessa Quizon @alessaquizon
Injuries suck—but even more so when they mean missing out on one of the biggest professional contests of your life. That’s what happened when a sprained ankle sent Hawaiian surfer Alessa Quizon to the sidelines just as she really started picking up steam after a win at the Billabong World Juniors event and a third place at the Billabong Pro Rio World Championship tour (where she was a wildcard).

But don’t worry about this sunny beauty: She recovered just in time to qualify for the Women’s World Surfing League World Tour in 2013. “That was an incredible moment for me,” she says. “I finally made one of my dreams come true.” So when she’s not training for one of those dreams? “I’m swimming, walking, and sometimes I play video games!” she laughs. Sounds like our kind of champion.

Her favorite suit: “I love using my Billabong surf-capsule suits. They keep me warm and they have some pretty stylish patterns.”

Bree Kleintop @breekleintop
Twenty-year-old Bree Kleintop hit the genetic jackpot: Not only is her dad a pro surfer, but she’s also one of those long-legged, doe-eyed types that picks modeling contracts like she’s shopping for milk and eggs. But don’t let her natural inclinations fool you: This girl works hard to stay on top of her game.

“I remember watching Lisa Andersen in the movie ‘Shimmer’ on repeat, and it inspired me to go surf every day, all day, trying to learn to do what she was doing,” Kleintop remembers. And when she’s not cooking up healthy meals for her friends, she’s working on her fitness: “Boxing is a pretty fun way to blow off some steam!” Of course, she’s also the first one to chalk up her success simply to blind luck: “Sometimes I pinch myself and think, ‘Wow, I’m a lucky girl.’” Nice try, Bree, we know better.

Her favorite suit: “I’m loving mosaic prints, vivid colors, and cheeky bottoms with a cute ruffled triangle top. It’s key to find a suit that fits your body type right for surfing; O’Neill does those really well.”

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