Mehring’s Bearings Presents: Russia & Eastern Europe Part 2 – Bulgaria.

Leaving most of the crew behind, Kenny, Jack, Bobby, Mike Fox, and I continued on to Bulgaria. Bobby’s luck still was not with him. As we got off the flight his boards had all been stolen from his bag. So he only had the deck he was riding for the remaining 5 or so weeks. He rides such a small shape that no one elses board could suffice. On the upside Bulgaria is pretty good for skating.

– Jonathan Mehring

Kenny Reed - 5-0 transfer. Varna, Bulgaria.
Kenny Reed - 5-0 transfer. Second angle. I was shooting for an article on our trip and an interview with Kenny Reed at the same time. So I would try to decide what photos would be for Kenny's interview in the moment, shoot them B&W, or if they weren't for his interview then I'd shoot them in color. This was a bit hectic but ultimately worked out.

The Black Sea from our hotel room.
Bobby Puleo - 180 nosegrind. Sofia, Bulgaria.

Bobby kept getting me to take pictures of him with hot girls in the background. Non really came out well but they are pretty funny in retrospect.
Jack Sabback - backside 180 nosegrind revert. Sofia.

Kenny Reed - Wallie. Sofia.

Kenny Reed - Back noseblunt up. Sofia.
Bobby Puleo - Switch ollie. Leave to Bob to find the only skateable cellar door in all of Bulgaria. Varna.
Kenny Reed - Switch ollie. Both of these were at the same spot. Just skating in two different directions from the same starting point.
Varna station. We were heading back to Sofia to fly out.
The plane was literally waiting on the tarmac for us. They had closed the door but drove us over on a mobile staircase and loaded us aboard. I guess they needed those extra fares.
This was supposed to be for last week but I just now came across it. Kenny in front of St. Basil's Cathedral. Moscow.

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