Men’s Fitness Fall Adventure Guide, Part 2: Mountain Biking

This fall, Men’s Fitness adventurers John Teague and James Pribram are hopping into their roomy and rugged Mitsubishi Outlander Sport, trekking through beach, mountain, and desert to take on fun and fit challenges.

Last month, pro surfer James took John to his “home turf”—the ocean—for some stand up paddleboarding. In this video installment, experienced mountain biker John takes the reins and shows first-timer James what it’s like to race down a mountain on two-wheels.

Just like with paddleboarding, mountain biking is a full-body workout—as James quickly realizes—that targets your quads, thighs, core, shoulders, and traps. To prep for the saddle, Men’s Fitness training director Sean Hyson recommends the following exercises:

  • Bulgarian Split Squats: Because you’re constantly shifting your body weight to make sharp turns on a mountain bike, you need to strengthen your core. Split squats are great because you’re using one leg at a time, much like in mountain biking, where you’re peddling with one leg at a time. This exercise also helps strengthen your legs and stretch your hip flexors (which tend to get tight because you’re in a seated position for so long).
  • Face Pulls: With mountain biking, your chest tends to get tight, and your upper back gets weak and overly stretched out. Face pulls strengthen the upper back and rear deltoids and helps correct posture problems you usually incur when cycling for long periods of time.

Stay tuned to see where the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport takes our adventurers next.


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