Montana senator planning to ban cyclists from select state roads

A Montana state senator has announced his intentions to introduce legislation to remove cyclists’ rights to ride on select state roads and highways within the Treasure State, while also forcing cyclists to pay an additional tax to ride on state roads, according to Bicycling.

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As reported by Helena Independent Review, just days after calling cyclists, “some of the most self-centered, rude people” (and while voting against a bill that would have established a mandatory safe distance between cyclists and motorists in the state) Republican State Senator Scott Sales made his intentions clear in a Wednesday morning interview with Bicycling.

cycling montana
Per Sales’ proposal, cyclists could be banned from roads akin to this one in the state. Photo: Courtesy of David Marcu/Unsplash

“If cyclists want safety, we’ll give them safety,” Sales told the Bicycling. “Where I live, we have narrow county roads with hills and blind turns. You’re driving at the posted speed limit of 45 or 55mph, come around a corner, and all of the sudden, there are bicyclists riding two or three abreast.”

“Both drivers and cyclists need to take responsibility for safety,” Sales continued. “But it’s more incumbent upon the cyclists because they have much more to lose.”

Sales’ proposal, per Bicycling, will be threefold: Ban riders from two-lane roads with less than a three-foot shoulder, force cyclists to use reflectors on both their bicycles and their bodies and require them to pay a tax to bike on Montana roads.

cycling montana
Sales wants cyclists to pay an extra tax to use Montana roads. Photo: Courtesy of Pexels

Beyond his comments on their rude nature, Sales made his disdain for cyclists known when voting against House Bill 267, the aforementioned bill that would have established a mandatory distance between cars and cyclists, on Monday.

“They have this entitlement mentality, many of them, that we should just wait for them, and quite frankly I think that’s wrong,” Sales said during the vote, according to the Helena Independent Review. “Quite frankly I don’t want more of them in the state because there’s already too many of them as it is.”

cycling montana montana cycling
While cycling has been proven to be beneficial for the economy, Sales doesn’t think they belong on certain Montana streets. Photo: Courtesy of Pexels

And, it’s also worth noting that, as of publishing this story, the final paragraph of Sales’ Wikipedia page currently reads:

“He also lacks a basic understanding of traffic laws and respect for human life. He admits to putting the lives of cyclist at risk by harassing them with his car horn and expecting them to just move over for him. All the while calling the cyclist self-centered.”

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