Moose attacks man in ‘frightening scene’

A moose hunter out training his dog and scouting a hunting area in Norway was surprised by a mother moose that attacked him after his dog discovered it with a calf bedded down in the bushes.

The momma moose obviously didn’t take too kindly to being disturbed.

Wiktor Enoksen captured video of what he described as “a frightening scene.” There’s a bit of a wait for the action but worth the payoff:

Orion, Enoksen’s dog, began barking after finding the moose in the bushes. The animals remained still and out of sight until annoyed by the barking dog. They bounced up and began walking.

“I laid down and thought it was a safe place, until the dog came up to me,” Enoksen told Jukin Media. “And the moose came up to me, but I decided to stay calm. But that was very stupid when I see the moose attacked me.

“That was a very frightening scene. I came from it with some bruises and a broken GPS. I had it in my pants.”

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