Mother alligator herds 16 babies across golf course to new home; videos

Seeing alligators on a golf course in Florida is nothing out of the ordinary. It happens every day. But the sight of a mother alligator herding her 16 babies across a golf course? Now that’s a rarity.

Sharon Whiting witnessed such a sight from her backyard bordering the Rotonda West golf course. She captured videos of the procession and posted them on Facebook.

“I stayed and videotaped them, hiding behind the palm trees,” Whiting told FOX 13.

Whiting had been keeping an eye on the babies since they were hatched at the end of February. She told WFLA the pond where the family resided was drying up so the mother alligator began moving the babies to a bigger pond with plenty of water.

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“Mama gator started across the golf course to the other pond with babies following her,” Whiting told WFLA. “She went back and forth all day until they were all in the big pond. It took her all day because she had to move them between golfers.”

While the sight of 16 baby alligators might be adorable now, golfers will someday rue the day, as even if half survive predation there will be that many more potential hazards on the golf course.

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