Motocross rider Carey Hart gets a tattoo with ink from a burnout

Freestyle motocross legend Carey Hart is a third-generation motorcycle rider. He’s someone who represents deep roots within the sport, and his roots may have just gone even deeper into his blood.

Hart recently became the first (known) person to get a tattoo with ink made from a motorcycle burnout. And not just any burnout, a smoky, full-throttle Carey Hart burnout for the ages.

Hart tells the story in the above video how tattoos helped shape his legendary place in the sport. And Franco Vescovi of Nocturnal Ink describes the process of taking the residue from Hart’s burnout and turning it into a usable tattoo ink to etch Hart’s son’s name onto him — they needed to remove all the toxins and make it sterile first.

Carey Hart’s massive burnout that was the beginning of this new tattoo. Photo: Courtesy of Matt Hartz/Indian Motorcycle

“We were able to make a very unique ink,” Vescovi says in the video. “We captured the burnout, we took that carbon, we separated out all the toxins, made sure it was safe and we put that inside the ink.”

The Indian Motorcycle Ink that was made from Carey Hart’s burnout. Photo: Courtesy of Matt Hartz/Indian Motorcycle

This dedication is truly unheard of. Could you imagine Kelly Slater getting a tattoo with surf wax from his board or Tony Hawk getting one from metal flakes off his skateboard trucks?

Certainly one who loves tattoos, Hart’s mindset was all about bringing together his love of family and motorcycles together onto (and into) himself.

“My entire family is bonded by motorcycles,” Hart says. “There is no question that there was going to be a bond between my son, myself and my motorcycles. It’s pretty cool to be the first person that has their motorcycle tattooed in their skin.”

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