Motorcyclist ends up sitting on trunk of moving car it crashed into

Brian Becton, a self-described “photography and videography nut,” captured amazing dash-cam footage of a motorcycle crashing into the back of a car on a freeway in Washington.

The incident occurred Monday in Tumwater in the northbound lanes of Interstate 5 about two miles south of the capital of Olympia. Becton described it simply as “a bad motorcycle and car accident.”

Becton was traveling in the slow lane and moved to the middle lane to allow traffic to easily enter the freeway. Ten seconds later, a car in the fast lane speeds by, encounters a slower car and brakes suddenly.

Moments later, a motorcycle traveling behind can’t stop fast enough and crashes into the car, catapulting the motorcyclist onto the car’s trunk.

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As reported by UPI, the driver of the car apparently didn’t notice the crash, prompting the motorcyclist to pound on the rear window to get the driver’s attention.

The driver finally pulls over, allowing the motorcyclist to climb off the trunk. He proceeded to berate the driver. Perhaps, as some commenters pointed out, the car’s brake lights never came on. Or maybe the driver slowed even more after the car ahead pulled away.

Either way, the motorcyclist was lucky it wasn’t much, much worse.

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