Mountain biker gets neck sliced by barbed wire booby trap on trail

A mountain biker is lucky to be alive after getting his neck sliced when he was clotheslined by a barbed wire booby trap that was strung across a trail during a routine ride in the Canadian province of Alberta last Wednesday, per CTV News.

According to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, 37-year-old Stelianos Psaroudakis, a lifelong cyclist, was riding on a trail in the West Bragg Creek Provincial Recreation Area — roughly 25 miles west of the city of Calgary — around 8 p.m. on Wednesday when he started to descend a hill.

He was standing on his bike pedals as he was descending, when he saw something out of the corner of his eye attached to a tree he was passing. It was barbed wire, strung across the downhill trail.

mountain bike booby trap mountain biking trail sabotage
Psouradakis told the CBC he feels lucky to be alive. Photo: Pexels

“It was too late,” Psaroudakis told the CBC. “Just hit me right in the neck like a ton of bricks.”

Psaroudakis was clotheslined by the barbed wire, and the apparent booby trap sliced his neck, leaving lacerations that in some areas were more than half a centimeter deep, according to the CBC. Psaroudakis was thrown from his bike and landed on a rock, and the fall was so severe he lost consciousness and was left with a lacerated liver.

Psaroudakis was riding with a friend who saw him fall and quickly came to his aid, taking down the barbed wire and driving Psaroudakis to a local hospital for treatment. Unfortunately for Psaroudakis, in the rush to get to the hospital, they left his mountain bike — a 2008 Specialized Stumpjumper FSR — at the trail. The next day, when Psaroudakis went to recollect his bike, he told the CBC it was nowhere to be found.

mountain bike booby trap mountain biking trail sabotage
A photo of the bike Psouradakis claims was stolen after he was injured. Photo: Courtesy of Royal Canadian Mounted Police

On Sunday, the Bragg Creek Trails Association released a statement saying the association was working with local authorities to try to seek further clarification on the incident to try to determine what exactly happened. But Psouradakis told the CBC he’s convinced that whoever strung up the barbed wire was trying to cause serious damage.

“They’re malicious. They’re trying to kill somebody. This is like attempted murder,” Psaroudakis told the CBC. “If it was like … an inch higher, it would have taken my head off … When I blacked out, I thought my head was dangling on the other side of my body. I thought I was dead.”

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