Mountain lion stares down school principal and his wife

While working in his office, Northwest Liberty School principal Bob Hagin went to check out a strange noise only to discover a mountain lion pawing the glass of his window and looking straight at him.

“Another window had a lick mark on it,” Hagin wrote on Facebook. “Crazy!”

Hagin was “too stunned to grab a camera.” Instead, he called his wife to pick him up so he wouldn’t have to risk walking home alone with the mountain lion lurking nearby, according to KOMO News.

When his wife arrived, they walked into a darkened classroom and discovered two eyes glaring at them. A surveillance camera on the table below the window captured the moment, which Hagin shared on the school’s Facebook page:

Upon turning on the lights, the image of the mountain lion became clearer.

The couple slowly inched toward the window until the mountain lion finally lost interest and turned away.

“Right after I saw the cougar the third time, a woman was walking across our parking lot toward my last sighting,” Hagin wrote on Facebook. “I intercepted [her] and brought her into the school as she told me about the search for her big cat.

“`Well, there definitely is a big cat back there but probably not yours.’ After hearing my story, we hoped her cat would show up, and I escorted her back to her car. Funny coincidence.”

KOMO News reported that the Woodinville, Washington, school for junior high and high school students is located only a block away from the Highway 522 interchange and that it borders Little Bear Creek, which the mountain lion probably used as its route to the school.

Upon first spotting the mountain lion earlier in the afternoon, Hagin had called the Department of Fish and Wildlife and was assured it wouldn’t stick around, but it did—for a while anyway.

“It was an amazing encounter,” he said.

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