Mountain River Adventure — A Wilderness Journey Through the Canadian Sub-Arctic

Jim Baird returns from a “true wilderness” excursion with a new story to share. In this four-part video series exclusive, the canoe-tripping savant and wilderness survival expert presents a unique take on a 14-day, 300-km journey through the Canadian sub-Arctic. Episode 1 introduces the challenge of flying into the Northwest Territories’ rugged Mackenzie-Yukon watershed border and navigating small creeks and upper tributaries to the ultimate destination of the scenic Mountain River. The crew — which includes Baird’s wife Tori and dog Buck, as well as his brother Ted and his girlfriend Heather — plods through a grueling approach and deals with technical rapids in fully loaded canoes. Meanwhile, Baird outlines the stakes of the setting by cataloging what he packs in his personal wilderness survival kit.

Jim Baird is an avid paddler and consistent contributor to C&K. Jim and his brother Ted, were the winners of the 2016 season of History Channel’s ALONE survival show. Check out ‘The Things We Carried‘ on the 10 pieces of gear essential to Jim and Ted’s survival success. Watch Baird’s Saskatchewan Safari, a four-episode C&K series following an expedition down the remote Porcupine River.


—Different Strokes: Expedition Canoeing

The article was originally published on Canoe & Kayak

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