Must Watch: NASA’s Zero-G Underwater GoPro Video

Christopher Nolan's heavily anticipated Interstellar opens nationwide today. The sci-fi epic sends Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway across the universe in search of a new planet for humankind. The special effects are jaw-dropping, the plot is gripping, and the action is thrilling. The science of the film, however, stretches well beyond reality. As astronomer Phil Plait points out on Slate, in a film that's revolves around black holes and gravity, Nolan appears to have willfully — and needlessly — ignored the laws of physics.

For a reality check, we go to the International Space Station. NASA recently uploaded a YouTube video demonstrating the beautiful and captivating effects of surface tension on water in microgravity. The crew creates a softball-sized sphere of water, then pops in a GoPro to film from the inside. The sphere, thanks to the lack of gravity, becomes surprisingly sticky as one astronaut learns.