My Winter Park: Ski and Ride School Director Bob Barnes

By Ryan Dunfee


Bob Barnes demonstrating angulation technique at Winter Park

As far as skiers go, Bob Barnes has been around the block. That’s not a knock on his age (unrevealed), although his three kids might give that away. It’s more that Bob went to college in New York and has since found himself receiving mail and teaching skiing at Crystal Mountain, Deer Valley, Jackson Hole, Bozeman, Australia’s Mt. Hotham, and now Winter Park, which he has called home since 1995. Along the way, Bob has graduated from a greenhorn ski instructor to instructor trainer, then director of training, director of skiing, and since his start in Winter Park has directed their ski & ride school. He’s also been on the PSIA demonstration team and has been to Japan to represent the U.S. in ski instruction conferences. When not railing groomers at Winter Park or skiing pow over at Mary Jane during the winter, Bob tends to be on his dirt bike, throttling it through loose Colorado dirt on the countless trails surrounding Winter Park and Fraser.


Place to ski on a Powder Day:  A lot of our powder days, the Jane gets more snow than the Park side, but it get more local traffic as well. If you’re willing to work some for freshies, the Frenchman and Outhouse forests remain untracked for the most of the mourning because people are less willing to take the time to traverse there from the top of the Super Gauge lift. Eagle Wind Lift is always worth it especially if you’re willing to traverse west toward the Cirque as things get tracked out. Going out the 40 gate always works, especially late in the day when everything is tracked out. Keep staying left for maximum vert and the shortest walk.


Place to get snacks for the powder day backpack: Trails End Mercantile at the Base of Zephyr Lift!


Place to ski on a spring day: Don’t start too early; ten a.m. works and like all mountains, follow the sun exposure. Hit the south stuff early like Outhouse & Outhouse Trees to the east of the House. Coupler, Brakeman, Cannonball and the Haul Brothers (short/long haul). Afternoon Eagle Wind and all other north facing stuff is usually soft enough.


Place to take the family skiing: Vasquez Ridge


Place for Dinner: Denos for casual American and Mediterranean food.


Place for Aprés: The Lime for frozen margaritas!







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