Nazare Jet Ski Rescue Seems to Defy Laws of Nature

Portugal Surf, Nazare, Portugal Hawaiian surfer Kealii Mamala rides a big wave during a tow-in surfing session at the Praia do Norte or North beach, in Nazare, Portugal, . A tow-in is a surf technique in which the athlete is towed into a large wave by a partner driving a jet-ski with an attached tow-line 29 Nov 2014
Francisco Seco/AP/Shutterstock

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Fresh out of the What The Actual F#$& Department, big-wave tow team Lucas Chumbo and Ian Cosenza pulled off something seemingly miraculous during an XXL swell at Nazare last week when ski driver Cosenza swooped in to grab Chumbo after ride, while another monster wall of water was bearing down on them.

As you’ll see in the video, Cosenza guns it to Chumbo (who is sitting right in impact zone), waits for him to grab hold of the sled and opens the throttle as the ski is nearly beginning to get pulled up the cresting face. What follows is a kind of old school magic trick: the pair and their ski completely disappear in the whitewater, then reappear a few seconds later, somehow no worse for wear.

Here’s the video:

It doesn’t really make any sense, but there it is. Once safely on the inside, both surfers can be seen slapping hands, with Chumbo probably conveying how many beers he’ll be buying Cosenza back on land later.

Watch the land angle below:

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