New all-terrain skateboard can handle anything, looks like a tank

Do you ever find yourself wishing you could take your skateboard on any terrain while also looking like you’re ready to storm the beaches of Normandy? If so, the new Triborg Skateboard (which is currently fundraising on Kickstarter) might just be the board for you.

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The board, which appears to be the unholy matrimony of a skateboard and the Batmobile, is made out of Lansing, Michigan, and features, among other things, a welded aluminum frame that allows it to handle absolutely anything thrown its way.

Triborg all-terrain skateboard
The Triborg may just be the most durable skateboard ever made. Photo: Courtesy of Triborg

In addition to having a skate deck that could probably stop a bullet, the Triborg also features an extremely unique design: It eschews the traditional four-wheel skateboard setup for a three-wheel design, with one large back wheel placed within the width of the board (a la the Onewheel).

That single back wheel is driven by a motor that can power the Triborg to speeds of up to 20 miles per hour and, according to its manufacturers, allows the Triborg greater maneuverability than traditional board designs.

“While most electric skateboards have a four-wheel design, only one wheel is connected to the motor,” Triborg explains on its Kickstarter campaign. “This design causes the board to twist one direction while accelerating, and in the opposite direction while braking. Contrary to that design, the Triborg features a centered rear wheel helping maintain its balance at all times.”

While its Kickstarter campaign is asking only for a modest $100, the Triborg will cost potential buyers slightly more: It retails for $2,350 on its campaign, with pre-orders shipping in November.

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