New angle shows full incident of skateboarder vs. McLaren

A new video from a different angle has surfaced from the Denver incident of a skateboarder smashing the windshield of a McLaren MP4-12C supercar. The original video showed only the beginning of the resulting chase.

The latest video shows the McLaren running the stop sign, nearly hitting the skater, the driver honking at the fallen skater and the skater getting up and using his board to hit the windshield of the $250,000 supercar.

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Skateboarder hits McLaren after nearly getting hit
The skateboarder getting up and retaliating.

Details are still scarce on the names of those involved and if the chase ended in a capture or not. The fact that this new video clearly shows the skateboarder almost being hit while in a crosswalk by a driver that ran a stop sign could be seen as a little bit of instant karma.

But then again, one should never retaliate with violence.

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