New footage shows dramatic great white shark attack on sea lion in S.F. Bay

Great white shark’s breach attack on a sea lion witnessed by tourists.

Video footage showing an 8- to 10-foot great white shark feeding on a sea lion inside San Francisco Bay last Saturday went viral after it was uploaded to YouTube later that evening.

The poor-quality footage showed the shark circling its prize in what one scientist said represented the first-known documentation of a great white shark feeding on a pinniped inside the Golden Gate Bridge.

But on Tuesday evening, Alcatraz Cruises released video of the actual attack, showing the shark launch completely out of the water to catch its fleeing quarry.

The attack occurred within feet of the dock at Alcatraz Island, and was witnessed by several tourists.

Though it was the first time this type of event has been videotaped inside the Golden Gate, great white sharks have been spotted swimming inside San Francisco Bay.

The area between Alcatraz Island and Fisherman’s Wharf is popular among swimmers, but Saturday’s incident does not necessarily mean the risk of attack has increased.

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