The New Hobie Mirage Outback

Hobie kayaks have been a heavy hitter in the kayak fishing world for decades. The Outback model is at the core foundation of their fishing pursuits. After 10 years of field usage, the Mirage Outback gets a redesign.


Major improvements to the new Outback include major improvements in three areas. Stealth, increased speed, and stability is the core components of the redesign. Secondary implements of refinishing the Outback come in a variety of upgrades. Let’s have a look.

Stealth / Speed / Stability

These three elements incorporate the main redesign. The complete overhaul of the hull brings a new level of stealth. The new hull design is sleeker at the bow, allowing the kayak to slice through waves and minimize hull slap. A secondary feature that makes it quieter is the padding on the standing deck. It helps with grip and also dampens sound. Less wave slapping noise allows anglers to get in closer to feeding fish, especially in shallow waters.

Increased speed in the new Hobie Mirage Outback is achieved by two routes. The hull redesign is a major player in increased performance. The sleek hull and bow slice the water with less resistance. The new Outback also comes standard with upgraded MirageDrive 180 with Turbo Fins.

Stability is a highlighted aspect in the redesign too. The stability comes from a wider standing deck (34 inches wide) intended more specifically as a casting platform than the previous model. The new Outback is also 8 inches longer, which not only helps with stability but also tracking and glide.

Secondary Redesign Elements

The new Mirage Outback includes a variety of secondary and accessory options. These include the new Guardian Transducer Mounting, drop-down rudder, H-Rail Deluxe accessory mounting, dual steering, and increased storage areas.

Transducers are bigger in today’s market. Hobie’s previous recess for transducers left them exposed to rocks and other obstructions under the hull. The Guardian shield lets you retract the transducer up into the hull of the kayak for additional protection, and then deploy it under the hull so it can take a clearer read of the water not only beneath it, but also to both sides.

The new rudder tucks completely beneath the hull.  The tucked rudder protects against shallow water damage and takes up less room. The new design offers rudder steering from both sides of the cockpit. Either hand will control pedaling direction.

Increased Storage

The H-Rail Deluxe system allows you to customize your platform and add any type of accessory you’d like. This gives more options and new storage opportunities. New storage options include a new hatch in the standing deck (with a bottle opener), and the new bungee systems, tracks, and attachement points in the H-Rail Deluxe system.

You can find the new Hobie Mirage Outback at Hobie Dealers Fall 2018 for $2799.

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