New ‘Point Break’ trailer showcases what went into big-wave scenes

Point break movie features XXL Teahupoo
What’s better than one surfer in a massive Teahupoo barrel? Two.

What do you get when you combine Laird Hamilton, Laurie Towner and XXL Teahupoo with Johnny Utah and the Ex-Presidents? A behind the scenes look at Warner Bros. Point Break remake.

Featuring a slew of the world’s best big-wave surfers, the new Point Break looks to improve on the legacy of its predecessor by amping up the stunts to new heights.

While the original 1991 film featured some solid surfing, Warner Bros. decided to raise the bar by towing into massive waves at Teahupoo; and while the final cut of the film might not show just how dangerous those waves are, Towner’s swollen face from his nasty fall at the Tahiti surf spot clearly does.

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The new Point Break is due out in theaters on December 25 and will feature everything from wingsuit flying to free climbing to the aforementioned big-wave surfing.

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