New video shows functional hoverboard soaring above Lake Havasu

Ever since Marty McFly rocked a hoverboard in Back to the Future II, people have been obsessed with attempting to create a functioning hoverboard — with companies like Lexus going to great lengths to do just that.

Last year, French inventor Franky Zapata unveiled his Flyboard Air, a fully functional hoverboard that could allegedly travel up to 93 miles per hour and reach 10,000 feet in the air. And last week, Zapata decided to take the board out for a test ride over Lake Havasu in Arizona. The results were wild.

While some commenters on the YouTube video of Zapata testing out the Flyboard Air seem skeptical about the authenticity of the short clip, per River Scene Magazine and, the video is completely real.

According to River Scene, the Flyboard Air is powered by four 250-horsepower engines and stabilized by two separate turbines on the side of the aircraft. In total, the Flyboard Air packs a whopping 1,250 horsepower.

River Scene also reports that the hoverboard has recorded 10 minutes of autonomous flight, is controlled by a handheld 23-pound remote and is fueled by a backpack Zapata is wearing filled with five gallons of jet fuel.

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And per, the 37-year-old Zapata’s invention isn’t just for show: He’s allegedly developing a model for the United States Army with the goal of making it available for combat soldiers.

Until that happens, the only time we’ll see footage of the Flyboard Air is when Zapata tests it for the public. But that’s okay with at least one spectator who witnessed Zapata’s flight.

“It’s the beginning of the future,” Lake Havasu City resident Don Arthur told after seeing the flight live.

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