NLand Texas Surf Park being sued; opening delayed

Another snag has come for another wave pool utilizing the WaveGarden technology.

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The NLand Surf Park in Austin, Texas, had originally announced it would open in the spring of 2016 — but that deadline came and passed with not a peep.

Historic rains this year in Texas created a lot of problems for NLand, as they revealed in a post in mid-June.

Now, well into the middle of summer, NLand has announced it is being sued by the Travis County commissioner’s office.

This week, the commissioner’s office voted to sue NLand over a disagreement regarding the lagoon’s designation.

According to KLBJ News Radio, NLand is claiming that their lagoon is filled entirely with rain water and should not have to follow the regulations that are in place for public pools.

But Judge Sarah Eckhardt believes otherwise: “The NLAND Surf Park is being built without conforming to the requirements of Travis County Code, the Texas Health and Safety Code, or the Texas Administrative Code.”

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NLand stated in its public response: “NLand will not open until we can assure our guests the park will meet the highest standards for quality and safety. We are disappointed the county commissioners would take such drastic measures, without explanation.”

Last week the Austin Business Journal took the first photographs of waves at NLand Surf Park.

The 160-acre park is certainly going to be delayed for a while if this legal battle pushes forward. And as the prevalence of wave pools grows, we have to wonder how much Kelly Slater and his wave company have benefitted from all the snags that pools utilizing the WaveGarden technology have hit.

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