Norwegian risks life doing flip between rocks on iconic pinnacle

Jumping the “goat horns” is a tradition for climbers who scale Svolværgeita, a popular climbing route that overlooks the Norwegian town of Svolvær some 1,200 feet below.

The goat horns are two spiky rocks at the top of an iconic 490-foot pinnacle on the mountain that sit close enough together that climbers can jump from one to the other.

But Brage Hernes Gåsvær, an 18-year-old student from Oslo, wanted to do more than jump between the rocks.

“I wanted to do something that hadn’t been done before,” he told Caters News via Daily Mail.

“I asked my brother if he thought it was possible to flip between the two horns at the top, to which he replied, ‘If anyone can do it you can.’

“There is an ironically placed graveyard over 350 meters [1,150 feet] below so I could literally fall to my grave.

“The plan was to do a test jump before the flip, but as I got to the top and visualized my surroundings, we counted to three and I just did it.”

Brage Hernes Gåsvær completes a dangerous flip between rocks on iconic pinnacle in Norway.
Brage Hernes Gåsvær completes a dangerous flip between rocks on iconic pinnacle in Norway. Photo: Courtesy of Shaka Brah/Caters News

His brother, Jarl Hernes Gåsvær, 24, captured video of the stunt. And though Brage was tethered to a safety rope around his waist, it was still extremely dangerous.

“We all felt so pumped after I’d done it, there was a moment of extreme happiness,” Brage told Caters News.

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But there was extreme nervousness beforehand.

“Watching this was both horrible and amazing, considering that it was my brother performing the jump,” Jarl told Caters News. “My hands were shaking the entire time.

“I couldn’t believe how well the jump went, the stunt was performed perfectly.

“After everyone climbed down we all went for a warm beer, now we’re looking forward to future stunts with our sponsor Jotunheim of Norway.”

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