Novak Djokovic’s Victory Dance Is Why We Love the US Open

The only surprise in Novak Djokovic's second-round US Open victory over unranked Andreas Hader-Maurer came in the post-match interview. In a move you'd never see at Wimbledon, the tournament's top-ranked player took a break from ESPN's Brad Gilbert to call professional superfan Cameron Hughes onto the court for a celebratory, Gangnam-esque boogie.

The fans went wild watching Hughes and Djokovic, waving "I Love New York" shirts around their heads and busting serious moves together. Everyone at Arthur Ashe Court (even Gilbert, despite having his interview disrupted) cheered on the pair as they rocked out.

After the spontaneous dance party, Djokovic sat down for a post-match press conference and explained that he's as big of a fan of Hughes as Hughes is of him. "I'm glad that he came down to the court. It was not planned," Djokovic said, adding that he had seen Hughes' superfan routine of stripping off T-shirts while dancing outrageously at Djokovic's matches for the past five years. "He's a true entertainer. Each year I see him in one of my matches, dancing, taking down the layers of the T-shirts. But, you know, it never gets old."

The duo's relationship began back in 2011, when Hughes' routine inspired Djokovic to request some tunes during his post-match interview. Referring to Hughes (before attempting a few of his moves), Djokovic said, "You man, you can dance!" 

Djokovic has long enjoyed the more relaxed atmosphere of the US Open. At the 2007 Open, he performed spot-on impersonations of some of tennis' biggest stars, including Rafael Nadal's saggy shorts, Sharapova's pretty girl antics, Roger Federer's suave hair flips, and Andy Roddick's pre-serve shirt fidgeting. 

At the 2012 Open, he entertained the crowd with his imitations again, this time as legendary court hothead John McEnroe. And because it was the US Open, the legendary bad boy ran out — still wearing chinos and a dress shirt — to join Djokovic for a mock match.