SUP Review: The NSP DC Surf X Pro

SUPP_gear boards

10’ X 27 7/8” X 4 1/4” (126.1 LITERS)

Let’s start this review with an admission: we love longboard-shape SUPs. They’re some of the most versatile wave riders around, from tiny surf to big. The new NSP DC Surf X is no exception but it is exceptional. More refined than your average log, the model we tested was almost 28-inches wide and comes to a hard pintail in the back, which means it’s tippier than many other boards of this length. Those attributes though, along with the thin nose with just the right amount of both rocker and concave, mean than the Surf X performs like a much shorter board. Full rail cutbacks, rebounds and deep, turned-over bottom turns are all fair game, without sacrificing the glide of a longboard. We rode it with a shorter middle fin, which meant its noseriding capabilities were diminished in steeper pockets, but you could still get out there for cheater fives when things slowed down. We took the Surf X out in overhead waves and we’re confident you could push it a lot bigger than that thanks to the aforementioned pintail and length. Plus, the bamboo/epoxy/carbon veneer offers a good toughness to performance ratio. Be careful, this board is a quiver killer. You might find yourself reaching for it more than anything else. –WT

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The article was originally published on Standup Paddling

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