One Camera, Endless Angles

Open up the creativity and build out the camera angles for your video!

A chest mounted GoPro capturing the strike.

Drew Ross gives a great rundown in this video on how to create the different angles that create a visually appealing story for watchers. A great look-over if you’re building out your YouTube or Instagram video feeds.

The tools available are non-expensive and some have DIY components. The mounting accessories available create an endless supply of options on how and where to mount your action camera. The single camera utilized in this is a GoPro, they have the largest selection of mounting accessories for an action camera. Don’t let that discourage you if you own another brand, there are options to capture those shots!



This shows how much creativity can help someone with limited resources. The camera tools allow for the video creation to become visually enticing and keep your watchers entertained while following your adventures.

From tripods, action hats, painting poles, and more… The options are out there, have fun with the process.



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The article was originally published on Kayak Fish

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