Only Kai Lenny would hydrofoil in New York summer flatness

Hydrofoil boards are practically becoming synonymous with big-wave surfer Kai Lenny. He rode his hydrofoil throughout the Hawaiian Islands chain, rode it in a river, created the boogie foil and many more foil-centric feats.

So why wouldn’t he head to New York City in the middle of the summer to give the hydrofoil a try in ol’ Lake Atlantic?

Truth be told, Lenny was in New York recently to hold some events at the Hurley Surf Club in Long Beach.

He obliged to show off his impeccable skills with the hydrofoil, partaking in the summer flatness East Coast surfers are much accustomed to. Granted, Lenny did have a bit of assistance creating some wake from a boat.

Too bad he didn’t take it into the Hudson or the East River to really get some stares.

Kai Lenny riding his hydrofoil in New York.

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