Opportunistic crocodile makes meal out of unsuspecting shark

Fishermen in Western Australia were watching hungry sharks devour filleted carcasses of fish being tossed overboard when a crocodile happened upon the scene and made for a remarkable encounter.

Christian Kennedy and Jadranko Silic, on a weeklong fishing trip along the Kimberley coast last month, captured what is likely rare video of a resourceful crocodile making a meal out of an unsuspecting shark:

The footage was taken near the Prince Regent River in Kimberley. Kennedy explained to PerthNow what happened:

“The boat crew were filleting fish from a recent fishing expedition and were disposing of some of the fish scraps off the back of boat when the croc approached from nearby mangroves. Surrounding the boat were several sharks, which had begun to circle the boat to eat the fish scraps.

“The huge saltwater croc approached the feeding frenzy of sharks. But it wasn’t interested in the fish scraps, it just lay in the water patiently waiting [with its mouth open]…Then, suddenly, as a shark swam up to grab a fish scrap, the croc grabbed the shark and dragged it away to nearby mangroves.”

Some could make the case that the crocodile was also going after the filleted fish, too, but was opportunistic when a shark appeared in front of its jaws, which clamped down on the shark’s head. Either way, it made for a compelling video.

“I’ve seen sharks and crocs in the wild, but I’ve never seen a croc catch a shark before,” Kennedy told PerthNow. “Everyone was pretty amazed. It’s not something you see every day.”

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