Orca and calf take detour under pier to delight of onlookers, video

As a pod of orcas approached Murrays Bay pier on the North Shore of Auckland, New Zealand, one onlooker wondered, “Are they going to swim right under us?”

The answer was a resounding yes. An orca and its calf made a detour from the rest of the pod to give spectators on the pier a thrill by swimming right underneath them.

Laine Moger of North Shore Times captured the moment on video:

The pod of orcas was first spotted Wednesday afternoon in Torbay, then Browns Bay and then Murrays Bay near the pier, according to the North Shore Times.

“The crowd tried not to fall off the wharf as they leaned over to get a better look, and gasped excitedly as they watched the pair, a mother with a calf following under her fluke, swim below,” Moger wrote.

For Jacky Reynolds of Cambells Bay it was an especially gratifying moment because it marked her three-year anniversary of living on the North Shore.

“For my anniversary, I get to see an orca and a baby basically swim beneath my feet,” she told the North Shore Times. “It’s pretty special…[It’s] one of the most special things I’ve ever experienced.”

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