Osprey steals the spotlight—and catches the fish—at pro golf tournament in Florida

Osprey steals the spotlight—and catches the fish—at pro golf tournament in Florida. Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

The PGA Tour’s Valspar Championship is underway at Innisbrook Resort and Golf Club in Palm Harbor, Florida, and while birdies were dropping for the leaders, the real drama on Friday was generated by an actual bird.

Not just any bird, but a fish-eating osprey, which swooped down, nabbed a large bass or some other type of fish with its talons, and flew off as second-round play was underway on the Copperhead course.

Ospreys are unique among North American raptors in that they prey almost predominately on live fish. Their technique is to swoop swiftly downward and plunge into the water with outstretched feet, using their large talons to clutch their unsuspecting quarry.

In flight, they’ll turn the fish so the head is pointed forward, for better aerodynamics. The birds will then find a safe perch and spend perhaps an hour or more devouring their meal.

For Sam Greenwood, the Getty Images photographer who captured the sharp and detailed image of the osprey at Innisbrook, this has to have been the highlight of the day.

Although Robert Garrigus, who at the time of this post was the tournament leader, might take issue.

The osprey image was part of a Yahoo News “Photos of the day” slideshow, revealing a glimpse into world events.

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