Own Your Life


Ownership can be a misnomer. You own your home? Yeah, right, only if you’ve paid off your mortgage. Otherwise, the bank really owns it. Own your own business? Sure. Your investors really own it, the suits who lent you the money to get started. And face the truth, aren’t you really at the mercy of an economy that has changed the game on you since you launched your dream of being an entrepreneur? In reality, these days, ownership can downright stink.

Yeah, right. Don’t believe it. Ownership still matters in many areas. Ownership still counts, and it’s still worth striving for. In your garage, what you own doesn’t matter. In your closet, what you own doesn’t matter. Even in your portfolio, what you own doesn’t matter much today (at least not as much as it did a year ago). Here’s where ownership matters: Your life.

OK, so that’s a fairly sizable concept, I know. But work with me for a moment.

Yes, much of your life is beyond your sphere of ownership, beyond your sphere of control. You might get sick. You might be involved in an accident not of your doing. You might lose most of your net worth. You might lose your job. With any of these events being possible on any day, how can you own your life? Easy. OK, not so easy.

Own your life by taking true ownership of each element of your life that you do control: your attitude, your friends, your workouts, what you eat, how much sleep you get each night, what vitamins or supplements you take, how you manage the stress in your life.

Own each of these segments of your life, and you’ll be amazed at how the other parts fall into place and gain perspective. Be personally accountable for those areas of your life because they all matter. How you dress and carry yourself each day matters.

Your job matters, particularly if it is your passion, and it, well, pays the damn bills. But when you take ownership of your life, you realize that your job matters less than your passion. I know. I’ve been laid off. And, yes, it sucked, and being out of a job for 18 months sucked even more. But ultimately I realized that no one could “fire” me from my passion.

Own your life.

Own your passion.

Own the minutes (hours) you control each day.

Own your time in the gym.
…with your lady.
…in a restaurant.
…with your kids.

You can own more than you know.

The rest of it doesn’t matter.

Roy S. Johnson
Men’s Fitness
Editor In Chief

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