Paddle Healthy | One Exercise Workout — Part 3 | Hang Clean Front Squat

Paddle Healthy | One Exercise Workout — Part 3 | Hang Clean Front Squat

For the latest in our One Move Workout series, we’re going back to an Olympic lifting exercise. When you’re pushed for time, compound lifts that work major muscle groups and involve joints moving through a full range of motion are a great way to get big results in just a few minutes. Add in a speed component and you can complete a total body workout very quickly.

The clean is one of the best such examples. Like the snatch – which we covered recently – the clean improves the power and quality of your hip drive, which is essential in SUP. It also requires you to quickly cycle between several fundamental movement archetypes, including the squat, hang and front rack.

As you become more confident with the hang clean variation, you can work with your coach on pulling the barbell from the floor and adding the overhead split jerk component. But as mastering the full lift can take months or years, we asked Olympian and SUP fitness pro Sean Pangelinan from The FitLab to show you the simpler hang clean variation. You’ll still get more than 90 percent of the benefits of the full movement, without the steep learning curve. Still, have a training partner or coach check your form.

As with all workouts, make sure you take time to warmup adequately. We suggest five to 10 minutes of slow rowing, running or functional movements like jumping rope, pushups and mountain climbers, followed by a few active mobility exercises. Then be sure to do another five to 10 minutes of slow cardio to cool down, along with some more mobility work. This helps send your body from the sympathetic (fight or flight) state into parasympathetic recovery.

Tip: Add the hang clean to your fitness regiment along with this simple series of exercises from the fitness guide in SUP‘s Summer ’15 issue, on newsstands now. To make sure you have the energy and nutrients to complete your workout, try incorporating some of these healthy high energy foods to your pre-workout diet.

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The article was originally published on Standup Paddling

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