Paddle Healthy: TRX Workout

In this installment of Paddle Healthy Riviera Paddlesurf and exercise physiologist, Ramsey Mead, of Paddle Core Fitness team up to create a workout based on suspension training with the TRX.

The TRX is a great exercise tool for the paddler as it can safely load the joints and tissues through a suspended gravity system and one’s body weight. Easily accessible and portable, this tool is a favorite for providing functional movements comparable to cable pulley systems. Here are just a few of some great core activators in relation to SUP.

Workout Notes:

– Perform a minimum of 2x a week or every other day if you like
– Perform each exercise for a minimum of 30 seconds, working up to 1 minute (unless otherwise indicated)
– Perform exercises 1-5 in a circuit (one after another) up to 3x, starting with one circuit and build up
– Rest period progression – start with a 45 second rest between and when ready, drop to 30 seconds, then to 20 seconds and then none until the last exercise (#5) is done, then rest 1 minute
– Use a stopwatch or timer, such as the Gymboss
– Stop if form deteriorates
– Don’t forget to breathe
– Take notes of your progress
– Have fun and get fit!

High Back Extension

– Grab the TRX handles and step back away from the anchor point while facing it, creating tension on the straps with palms facing down, hand close to shoulder
– With feet shoulder-width apart, drop into a deep squat
– Excel up out of the squat, pulling arm up to a “V” pattern and inhaling the breath
– Simultaneously, maintain tension on the TRX straps while extending arms and feet onto the ball of the foot or your toes
– Recoil body back down into the low squat and repeat – exhale the body

Paddler Benefits – Awesome upper back extension for paddler strokes and hip integration with stretch contract movement, great for breathing expansion
Muscles Worked – Posterior back, core, legs

Single Leg Hop

– Create tension in the straps of the TRX and step back to a standing position, square to the mount of the TRX
– Bend knee and point foot (of non-working leg) behind the body
– Map out a 1-2 foot lateral area for the feet to travel
– With a firm hold on the TRX and no slack in the straps, hop back and forth in a smooth and controlled manner, absorbing the landing and exploding up out of the low position, quickly traveling in a lateral direction

Paddler Benefits – Explosive lateral transfer using short-term energy system
Muscles Worked – Quads, hamstrings, calves

Power Pull

– Wrap TRX into a single strap attachment
– Grab TRX and extend arm straight out, with other arm reaching straight out
– Bend knees, rotating the spine and let the arm travel all the way around to a full rotation and deep squat
– With focused attention on core control, pull with the supported arm toward the armpit and rotate the other arm all the way to the start position

Paddler Benefits – Great for spinal rotation and trains the lower arm for better paddle control and power
Muscles Worked – Lats, upper back, core

Lunge Jump

– Grab the handles on the TRX and with tension on the straps, step across with the leg closest to the TRX

– Sink down into a semi-deep lunge
– Holding tension on the straps in the lunge position, explode up, twisting the hips around and landing in a lunge position with the opposite leg

Paddle Benefits – Trains great hip rotational power and lower body agility
Muscles Worked – Hips, quads, hamstrings, calves

Paddle Reach

– With your back to the TRX, step away with tension
– Hold the handles with one at chest/armpit level and the other reaching all the way above the head
– Push your weight forward leaning at an angle on the ball of the foot
– One arm reaches up and the other lowers to armpit level, working with constant tension

Paddler Benefits – Core stability that trains more power through the shoulder joint
Muscles Worked – Thoracic extensors, posterior deltoids, triceps, core stabilizers

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