Paddle Healthy: Winter Workouts with Shane Perrin Part II

Last week, long distance racer Shane Perrin shared his offseason workout using the Stand Up Spike™. Continuing his training during the cold season, Perrin explains how he uses a modified rowing machine and works out with weights to prepare his body for the stresses of being on his SUP for more than 60 hours at a time during races like the MR340, La Ruta Maya and the Texas Water Safari.

Erging with Half an Erg
Perrin has used SUP-specific ergometers, but purchasing one outright proved daunting for this dad of two. So the enterprising Perrin, who built his first SUP board and paddle (the latter he calls “The Hammer” because it weighs about the same as a sledge) conjured up the next best thing. After scouring St. Louis Craigslist for a few weeks, he found a rowing machine for $180. From there, it was a case of removing the seat, and attaching an old canoe paddle with a cable. Perrin also removed the tension belt from inside the machine. “With the belt on, you’ll only get 20 minutes until you’re cooked,” he says. “I can crank on it for hours now.” He usually does a thirty minute session after his weights circuit (see below) and longer one (one to three hours) on non-weights days, with one rest day per week.

Total Body Workout with Weights
Standup paddling taxes every muscle in your body, so there’s no point in Perrin concentrating on isolation exercises. Instead, his trainer, Micah Greer, at Core Fitness in St. Louis, puts him through a high tempo regimen of compound moves that work large muscle groups through a full range of motion and complement the modified rowing machine workouts. “For distance paddling you don’t need big muscles,” Perrin says. “Low weight with high reps gives you all you need for endurance.”
Below is a snapshot of a typical Perrin offseason workout.

5 minutes of light cardio (jumping jacks, running in place, jumping rope) to get the blood flowing, followed by dynamic stretches of major muscle groups

Do up to five complete circuits if you can, and just one or two if you’re pushed for time. If the workout is too difficult, subtract a couple of exercises. Perform the circuit twice a week. Change up the order of the exercises to challenges yourself.

Lunges & Curls
– With a dumbbell in each hand, take a large step forward with your left foot and bend your leg until your knee almost touches the floor
– Perform a curl with both dumbbells
– Repeat with the right leg
Duration: 60 seconds

Squat Jumps
– Push your hips and butt back and bend your legs until they’re parallel to the floor or below (remember to keep your heels on the floor so you don’t stress your knees or Achilles tendons)
– When you’re at the bottom of your squat, jump up as high as you can
– Land as gently as you can and repeat
Duration: 30 seconds, then move right into wide gait hops for 30 seconds (the same as squat hops but with a wide stance)

Unstable Plank
– Start in a plank position on your forearms. Raise one arm to the straight position then bring up the other so you end up in a push up stance
– Lower one arm back to the forearm and then the other
Duration: 30 seconds with the right arm extended, then 30 seconds with the left

Push Ups with a Row
– Perform a full push up using dumbbells as your stabilizer
– At the top of the motion, row the dumbbell up with one arm
– Do another push up and perform a row on the other side
Duration: Repeat for 30 to 60 seconds

Curl to Shoulder Press
– Start with your arms down at your side, as with a regular curl.
– Once your arms get to 90 degrees, start to rotate your palms in so when you get to the beginning of the shoulder press your palms face forward
– Perform a shoulder press.
– To finish, reverse the process to end with your arms back at your sides.
Duration: 45 – 60 seconds

– Similar to a bent over single arm row, but to begin, one arm remains extended as the other arm pulls upward like a row.
– As you lower the raised arm, the other arm raises.
Duration: 30 – 60 seconds

SSR (Straight, Straight, Row)
– Start with your arms to your side
– Perform a straight arm shoulder fly out to your sides, arms controlled on the return
– Then go right into a straight arm fly to the front, again slowing lowering your arms under tension
– Finish with an upright row
Duration: 30 seconds (it’s a tough one)

Stabilizer Jumps
– Start with your left leg raised while standing
– Jump off of your right leg and land on only your left leg. Really try to cover some distance.
– When you land, quickly jump off your left foot and land on your right
Duration: 60 seconds
As told to Phil White

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