Paddleboarding Above the Waves

Just in case you forgot, pro surfer Kai Lenny is here to remind you what fun looks like out on the ocean in a new video. The 23-year-old Maui native is putting his own spin on downwind stand up paddleboarding by introducing us to “downwind hydro foiling” — the faster, more technical, imaginative version of SUP.

Standup Paddleboarding

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Hydrofoiling is technology that allows vessels to travel atop water by using the ocean's speed and movement to lift you out of the water. A hydrofoil usually consists of a wing-like structure attached to the bottom of a boat — or in Lenny’s case — a board. That wing decreases drag and makes for a great time skimming at high speeds above the surface of the water.

And as he has in the past with his jetsurf, kitesurf, and tow-surf videos, Lenny makes downwind hydro foiling look like a cinch for everyone. But stand-up paddleboarding on a foil isn't for beginners — you have to manpower your board at speeds high enough to catch the lift, and the balance required to stay stable on a blade-like wing hovering three feet above rough seawater? Good luck if you're a mere mortal.

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