Paddler Shakes Tentacles with Injured Giant Squid

A new GoPro clip is circulating the SUP social media networks this week after going viral virtually overnight. It may just be the most bizzare paddler-animal encounter we’ve seen yet.

39-year-old South African SUP surfer James Taylor was paddling in Merkbosstrand, South Africa with his wife Christina when he saw an injured giant squid swimming just under the surface nearby. Taylor threw out a rescue line from his board in a bid to tow the massive sea creature safely to shore. When he did, the giant squid instead latched onto his board.

The caption for Taylor’s original Instagram post reads: “Spotted an injured giant squid just behind the waves in Melkboss a while back and decided to try and get it to the beach.”

As of the time of this posting, Taylor has yet to comment on the outcome of the ordeal—what happened to the squid or the board—though it has been confirmed that Taylor and wife made it to land unscathed. Meanwhile, the footage racked up 46,997 views on Instagram in less than 24 hours with some commenters expressing concern for the squid’s welfare and debating Taylor’s decision to attempt a tow.

We’ll keep you posted with any developments.

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The article was originally published on Standup Paddling

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