Paddling in and out at Jaws might be the most dangerous part

Big wave surfer and environmental activist Kyle Thiermann routinely pushes his own limits. It’s often you’ll find him out on some bigger days at spots like Puerto Escondido, Mavericks and Jaws. He also has a knack for bringing environmental issues to light and making sure that’s a part of his focus.

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Recently, Thiermann decided to give a firsthand look at what it’s like to paddle out at and in from Jaws. With tons of energy pouring in and giant rocks and boulders everywhere, it looks extremely sketchy. There’s danger right from the get-go at Jaws, which might be even more dangerous than the wave itself in a way because you’re typically on your own with it. Just another reminder that waves like Jaws present plenty of risks.

Even if you can time it right you're still far from being in the clear.
Even if you can time it right you’re still far from being in the clear.

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