Paraplegic motocross racer drives his brother in sidecarcross races

Sidecarcross, or motocross races that consist of bikes with sidecars on them, has been around since the 1930s. But for brothers Sam and Andy Houghton, it’s something that’s been relatively new to their lives in the last decade.

Sam and Andy are a sidecarcross race team in Marshfield, England. Growing up, Sam and Andy both started racing dirt bikes at early ages. Andy was practically unbeatable, with Sam only ever beating Andy once throughout many of Sam’s championship years.

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But in 2005 Andy had an accident while training, leaving him with a fractured t7 vertebrae and inevitably in a wheelchair. After a couple tough years, Andy realized he needed the track. So Sam and Andy’s sidecarcross race days began, and they couldn’t be happier to be out on the track with each other again. Andy’s days of racing shine through as he surprisingly is the driver and not the one in the sidecar.

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