Patagonia Launches New Digital Platform for Uniting Community Through Activism

With the staggering amount of issues and threats that face our natural world, it can feel overwhelming trying to decide how you can start to give back and make a real difference. Many of us spend hours researching which local efforts and initiatives we can join to support our planet, but resources are fragmented and limited, particularly for grassroots organizations that lack serious funding or exposure.

Today, there may be an easier way to find opportunities to give back. Patagonia has announced the launch of a new digital platform, Patagonia Action Works, with the goal to connect customers with local grassroots and nonprofit organizations that are working to save our planet.

It’s time to work together. Photo: Tim Davis

Patagonia Action Works utilizes the robust community the company has built to help customers learn more about local environmental issues, how they affect their homes, and what they can do to help.

The platform allows users to search by location. Once you’ve found your home base, you can pick from a selection of issues that affect your local area, including “Biodiversity,” “Climate,” “Communities,” “Land,” “Water,” or, if you’re ambitious, “All Issues.”

Patagonia displays local environmental grantees nearby, events taking place and actions users can take to give back. Patagonia also has the option for grassroots organizations that aren’t already grantees to sign up for their grant program, ensuring that smaller groups working for a difference can get the help they need.

Patagonia believes the real key to change is community-centered. Photo: Eugenie Frerichs

In a press release from the brand, Patagonia President and CEO Rose Marcario says, “This platform makes it easy to connect with organizations in your neighborhood who are working every day on local issues. We have decades of experience with these groups, and our collective grassroots actions can add up to the change we need to make a better world. With the threats we face, we need everyone in this fight.”

Along with the new platform, Patagonia will also be embarking on a national tour dedicated to uniting community members with organizations, helping to cement the relationship for long-term collaboration and community building.

Making our voices heard is just the first step: now we need action. Photo: Amy Kumler

The tour starts in Santa Monica on February 9, and includes the following stops: Burlington, VT (2/16 and 2/17); Portland, OR (2/22); Washington, D.C. (3/6); Austin (3/13); New York City (TBD); Chicago (TBD) and Reno (4/5).

Check out more information on Patagonia Action Works here, and begin giving back to your planet.

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