Patagonia Is Donating Its $10 Million Tax Cut Savings to Support Environmental Groups

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Patagonia has a history of fighting back against the Trump administration’s policies, especially when it comes to land management and the environment. The company shows no signs of stopping: Yesterday, Patagonia CEO Rose Marcario announced the outfitter would donate $10 million—the savings gained from Trump’s tax cuts, passed last year—to environmental groups, Bloomberg reports.



“Instead of putting the money back into our business, we’re responding by putting $10 million back into the planet,” she wrote in a Linkedin post.

Patagonia’s Fight for Public Lands

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Patagonia will distribute the money “to groups committed to protecting air, land, and water and finding solutions to the climate crisis,” Marcario explained, and added that this money will come in addition to the company’s existing policy of donating one percent of its sales to ecological preservation efforts. In her statement, she also criticized the tax cut itself and emphasized the importance of paying taxes, which help fund civil institutions and protect public lands, a cause the company has become closely aligned with in recent years.

Former Patagonia CEO Finalizes Largest Land Donation in History in Chile

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Marcario stressed the urgency of responding to climate change in her post, and cited the recent National Climate Assessment as a major factor in the company’s decision to donate the money. The report found that a warming planet could cost the United States’ economy hundreds of billions of dollars, and Marcario pointed to several ecological disasters, from wildfires to toxic algae blooms, that illustrate how these changes are already occurring.

“The political response has so far been woefully inadequate—and the denial is just evil,” she wrote. “We recognize that our planet is in peril.”

Marcario also expressed a belief that supporting green groups and initiatives could bring about real change, and called them “our greatest hope for reversing the damage done to our overheated planet.”

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